Should Carpet Cleaning Be Part Of Your Home Cleaning Program?

We reached out to our good friends from Tidy Guy Carpet Cleaning of Charlottesville VA to get their opinion on this. Here at ATL maids we often get asked about carpet care and cleaning. Since we don’t offer this service we decided to get an exert opinion from some trusted colleagues.

How Often Should I get My Carpets Cleaned

This is the age old question! There is no straight answer though. It all depends on several factors:

  • Number of occupants in the home
  • How many are children
  • Pets
    • Type
    • Indoor/outdoor
    • Number of pets
  • Soil condition
    • Type of soil in the geographic area
    • Height of house (street level or higher up)

These are just a few of the factors involved. A street level house with 2 adults and no pets might go 18 months between cleanings – especially if vacuumed on a regular basis. Add in 2 kids and you are at 12 months minimum. Add 1 more child and or pets you would be looking at 6-8 months.

Vacuuming Is The Key

There  is no such thing as too much vacuuming. The more you vacuum the more fiber damaging soils you remove from your carpets and rugs. This will also remove allergens like pet and human dander. This can actually double the life of your floor coverings!

Schedule Your Carpet Cleanings

Talk to a pro about how often you should get your carpets cleaned. They will asses your family situation and make the proper recommendations.  Check with them on their training and credentials. Ask what kind of cleaning solutions thy use – are they people and pet friendly? We here at ATL MAIDS are now looking to find a trusted provider in our area that can stand up to the standards that our friends at Tidy Guy have set for us!

Should Carpet Cleaning Be Part Of Your Home Cleaning Program?

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